What is YACS?

Young Adult Cancer Support (YACS) is an independent program, sponsored by the Cancer Caring Center, providing emotional, social, and financial support to young adult cancer patients and survivors, ages 18-39 and residents in 1 of 10 Western PA counties.


YACS’ mission is to raise awareness for enhancing the support, advocacy, and hope while alleviating the financial burden that cancer impacts on this particular population. And so that we can thrive and strive with others who can relate.

YACS remains the only support program exclusively for local young adults impacted by cancer & young adult survivors in Western PA.

"Cancer affects everyone but issues are so unique when in our 20’s and 30’s."

Our Director    

Stephanie Scoletti

At the age of 20, Stephanie Scoletti, a college student, discovered she had leukemia after her immune system started shutting down. She also discovered the severe lack of cancer support services for young adults, so after earning a Bachelor's and Master's in Social Work, she created the Young Adult Cancer Support at the Cancer Caring Center in Pittsburgh that helps "yinzers" ages 18-39 feel emotionally and financially supported during the cancer experience. She firmly believes that nobody should face cancer alone.



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