YACS Testimonials

“I’ve been greatly impacted by cancer. I’m pursuing a disability case and trying to qualify for SNAP/food stamps and Medical Assistance. Unfortunately, I lack an income and assets of any significance, and I have debts. I’m progressing past severe depression and anxiety through groups, therapy, psychiatrist, and medication, and goal-setting, and building my employability and purpose. Thank you for your consideration.”- JM

“I have been battling colon cancer with lung and liver metastases for almost 4 years. I have done aggressive chemo and radiation treatments and am currently on oral and IV chemo indefinitely. For those reasons we have incurred great financial burdens and every day is a struggle just to make ends meet. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your consideration.”- LS

“Due to my stage 4 diagnosis, I applied for disability and it won’t start for another few months. In the meantime, I could really use some help with utilities and groceries, etc.”- LL

“I am a student with testicular cancer, currently undergoing 2 cycles/14 treatments of chemo. Upon completion of treatment, I will have approximately $50,000-$100,000 of medical bills to repay, and any and every amount of assistance I can receive to help preserve the future I am fighting for is greatly appreciated.”- JG

“I am currently unemployed with no income and I have insurance premiums and medical bills that I pay monthly using my savings.”- CS

“I’m requesting assistance due to my family and I have an extreme financial issue. My husband and I are currently not working due to several hospital admissions over the last few months. We have a 10 year old son with autism. All of my utilities are in shut off status, thus, I am requesting help with that matter. Thank you in advance.”- TM

“Multiple surgeries in 2012 and 2013 which I am still paying deductible costs to hospital for my treatment and hospital stay.”- KB

“I am disabled but I am not able to receive disability for at least 6 months (at best) until I’m accepted. I have no income and have already been evicted because I don’t have the money for rent. Needless to say, any assistance would be helpful.”- BN

“I need rent money to keep a roof over my head.”- MS

“I am a recent graduate of the Bradford School of Pittsburgh. I am currently looking for a job in the dental field. I am unemployed at this moment and can’t pay my bills. Anything will help me in my time of need.”- TD

“I am a father of 2 young boys and newly married. 2 months ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 testicular cancer and will be unable to work for sometime due to the fact that I’m in the construction/landscape profession. I’m currently laid off and my income is roughly 1/5 of what it normally is this time of year.”- JH

“Being diagnosed with cancer in my early 20’s has been hard financially on me with limited income. I would use the financial assistance to help aid in my doctor visit copays and prescription refills.”- CK

“We have 2 young kids and only 1 working parent. We have a high amount of student loan debt. Our income qualifies us for both WIC and Medicaid and we receive both but even with budgeting, we have a hard time making ends meet monthly.”- MM

“I’ll be having my 9th breast cancer surgery. I’ll be off of work for at least 2 weeks. I will not get paid for my time off so this money will definitely help.”- SC

“Cancer costs a lot! My savings are starting to run out and this money could go a long way helping me with medical and everyday costs. I have not been able to work since my diagnosis.”- LL

“I need help with travel expenses to and from treatment.”- DD

“Since being on disability, I haven’t had enough income to cover my monthly bills, insurance premiums, copays, food and gas. This money will help with daily living expenses.”- RL

“After my breast cancer diagnosis, I went on leave from my job due to the difficult chemo regimen. My husband is in school full-time and works as much as he can. But it’s been a struggle financially, as we take care of our 2 daughters and ourselves.”- SH

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